starSkype Reading. Anastasia, Lethbridge Alberta

Tanya , Just wanted to tell you thank you very much for the reading  via Skype. I’ve talked to my mom and she agreed with everything you had told me with what  I did not know. I’m very happy that we meet, you are so lucky to have such a gift. Just want to say thank you again very much. I feel much better.

starPhone Reading. Heather, Ontario, Canada

I have been to many psychics/mediums, all of whom I had seen in person. In early 2013, I had my first telephone reading with Tanya, because I live in the Toronto, Ontario area and Tanya is in Calgary, Alberta. Although a little hesitant at first and not sure how Tanya would be able to read me over the phone, I was blown away. I now have a reading about 2-3 months and Tanya never ceases to amaze me. My last reading, early December 2014 I was absolutely shocked with some of the information that she knew, Tanya is amazing and truly has the gift. I have recommended Tanya to my friends and family and the ones who have contacted Tanya were also amazed with her gift.

starPhone Reading. Christina, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to thank you for the beautiful reading yesterday. I was blown away by the accuracyof information you provided. I woke this morning feeling better about things and feel Debbie is with me and will be with me always.This was a huge impact on my emotions and made me much more of a believer in the other side.Thank you, Christina.


My husband and I have had readings with Tanya and we were blown away by her accuracy, compassion, and her ability to help heal. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has the need to heal, seeking closure and any sort of connection with a lost loved one.


Tanya is Amazing. She shared the best memories of my son I knew he was right there with her I could feel him… She is a person who you feel as if you have known all your life I highly recommend her. Thank you so much.
Five out of five!


This Woman is amazing. I have had 2 readings with her. Could not believe the things she was able to tell me about my passed Mother and Father. Everything was spot on. So helpful and gave me closure on many issues. Cant wait til I can do it again