what is an Aura

The Aura consists of different colours, that can surround the whole body. Mainly the Aura colours surround the head in different form shapes….Aura colours are orange, purple ranging through to lilac; an assortment of blues; various shades of green; yellow , browns, then there are lighter shades of silver.
Your Aura colour allows me to view any blockages you may have from past-life regression and past experiences. My spirit guides perform using their energy to unblock any past emotions, trauma your energy field is holding onto. After your session we provide you with tools you may need in your future. ALWAYS amazing to see the transformation spirit provides to clients. The session restores your energy field creating the balance you need!!  This will open up NEW energy allowing  more creativity, happiness and self-love in your Aura field.

Mediumship reading,  Your loved ones departed are just as anxious to communicate with you during a session. I ask clients not to tell me anything. I prefer to work naturally with the spirit world.

 Psychic reading , If you are seeking relationship guidance, career , finances , health matters or more. I am able to read your past, present and future. I connect with my spirit guides to relay messages. Spirit knows your needs time of booking .When booking, all I need is your first name and phone number.   You don’t have to be present as this can be done over email, phone and Skype. I am very blessed to have clients in Calgary, AB Canada and through out the United States.

Unlocking  your Soul’s Purpose

Your soul is here to discover its purpose, each of us create unique talents to offer others. I am able to guide you in a session,  by reading your souls written contract in this journey. The souls contract is written in the spirit world prior to returning here in the physical world. Which consists of your purpose, relationships, personal lessons your soul needs here for growth etc.  By working with my spirit guides together we align you with your purpose.

Psychic & Mediumship development program

Many people go through their journey knowing they are psychic, feeling at times non-relatable with their friends and family. When you are born into mediumship & psychic abilites it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. My services offer you one on one sessions. over phone , skype and in person. The program will give you clear understanding of your abilities, relationship with your spirit guides, tools given to strengthen your energy with the spirit world and much more!

  Our Soul is here to grow and overcome challenges. These challenges are not a test but our journey! We must face each challenge knowing there is a purpose surrounding each obstacle to overcome and move forward. By doing this the soul then releases past experiences, to make room for growth – Tanya Blaney